Executive Assistance Rules

I bought three executive assistance from the internet ages ago!

But today they arrived wearing suits. So I gave them their first task. Here the rules. If you want to be my executive assistance you can follow these rules:

  1. Wear leather sandals.
  2. Wear black suits.
  3. Wrap a red neck tie around your neck.
  4. Walk to a Sushi store.
  5. Count to 10 after the door closes behind you.
  6. Bend in half but do not fall over.
  7. Note the floor covering. Is it dirt? Is it marble? Is it cork?
  8. While still bended in half, speak these words as loud as you can without getting a gravel throat sound: I represent Otto Chogenbaakner. Otto Chogenbaakner may visit your Sushi store establishment. May I use your latrine?
  9. Note the condition of the latrine. Is it hairy? Is it white? Is it spacious?
  10. Use the latrine. Is it comfortable? Is it sturdy? Is the flushing sound aggressive? Does it need two activations or one?
  11. Emerge from the latrine and in your loudest voice again say: who here used this latrine most recently?
  12. Note the condition of the latrine patron. Are they flakey? Are they pleasant to sniff? Do they have pets?
  13. Stand in a place where you can see the door and the man cutting the fish with his knives.
  14. Wait until someone asks you to leave. Note the amount of time this takes.
  15. Go home and sleep until the next day, and do it over again at a new Sushi store establishment.

One response to “Executive Assistance Rules

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