Hot Dogs that Just Appear

This morning I found a hot dog in the toilet. A real hot dog. My guess is maybe it was a Hormel hot dog, but it’s hard to tell at 6AM. I left the hot dog there and went back to bed.

When I woke up a few minutes ago I remembered to go check the hot dog. It’s gone.

A few days ago I found a real hot dog just the same like the one I saw in the toilet this morning stuck to the spines of my cactus plant from the great state of Arizona. I took that hot dog off my cactus. Hot dogs don’t end up on cactus plants in the wild, which is why I took it down, but I don’t know if they can occur in toilets or not which is why I left it alone.

When I was a child all we used to eat were hot dogs. We called them wieners but I know wiener is sort of naughty to say in these United States of America, so I call the hot dogs. We had hot dogs for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and hot dogs for dinner. I had hot dogs for afternoon snack as well after my harpsichord lessons.

Now, hot dogs appear in my home, and the ones I know shouldn’t be there I feed to the cats. The ones I see and don’t know if they should appear there, I leave alone. I’ve learned now that those hot dogs that just appear go away on their own.


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