Christmas Shopping

I went to the mall today. I don’t need the Electric Rascal, but I like using it anyways. I can walk the entire mall if I want to, but with the Rascal and I cruise without jostling my head around like all the other people walking around in the mall. I prefer to avoid head jostling.

I needed to find a serious Christmas present for some friends. I’ve been getting a lot of email messages lately that are a bit, shall we say, scary. People keep asking questions about me that border on scary, like questions about my sex life and physical fitness routines. So I won’t tell you who my friends are because they’re famous and I don’t want people going crazy to try and get to my friends through me. That’s using.

Anyways, at the mall I cruised by the sausage and cheese store, and they gave me a sample of sausage. Holy Smoked Sausage, can you say yummy? I cruised right in a bought a case of sausages, and ate four rolls while I cruised. I fed a puppy too. He ate a half roll in two bites.

I bought my friend a whole wheel of cheese, not even just a wedge. The whole thing. Eat it!


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