Carl Karcher and his Ice Skates

I’m so mad I could froth! I got in an argument at the drive through window at Carl’s Jr. with some young person with metal bits poked into their face because she tried to setup an illegal escrow account.

I ordered a Six Dollar Burger without the bun, not to eat, but for something else, and when I got to the window, the idea was that she would tell me the amount, I would show her my $20.00 bill, and she and would arrange the change, and we’d make a perfect trade.

Instead she snatched the bill and at that moment possessed, illegally, both the money I owed her as well as the money she was supposed to give me in return.

I wrote an email to Carl’s Jr.

Dear Carl’s Jr.My name is Otto. You might know about me through my website, for which I’m becoming internationally famous. I like this kind of fame better than the last kind, which was more like me being known to the balloon parade people, and not to people in Spain.

I have something to say that would make Carl Karcher perform a half triple axle full lutz in his grave if he were wearing ice skates to his grave (which no one knows for sure if he is or isn’t).

Your employee at store number #452 setup an illegal escrow account without my consent. I’ve notified my congressman.

Good day.


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