Jason Kottke Responds

Neighbor Doug came over today with some of my mail. He said they mail people dropped it in the wrong box, and that he opened it without thinking.

My theory is that Doug has been spying on me. I told him that I thought he might be spying on me while he was standing there on my porch in a nylon jog suit. He’d just ran around the block he said, but I think he’d been spying on me from behind my house. I was playing Connect Four when he came over, and I tell that he knew. My African Gray Parrot knows how to play Connect Four, and I haven’t been able to beat him in four years.

Jason Kottke replied to my email about the open zipper problem. He answered my questions pretty clearly. Here’s what he said in response to my question about whether he still walked around in the wide open world with his zipper down:

I haven’t had a problem with that in quite awhile.

When I asked if he thought I could bring my trees to the movies, and confessed to him that I had extreme body odor, he said:

Plants are fine as long as they do not block the view of other movie goers. Pets, I think, should be discouraged unless they are mature enough to handle the adult content of a film like Hannibal. I’d take my cat…he’s pretty cool about watching violence and such on TV.

I think I will respond to his response, because now I have more questions.


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