Movies in Reverse

I have a rascal. Do you know what that is? It’s the Porsche of all old people scooters (but I’m not that old!). I use it because of my current leg injury. My neighbor’s poodle was, I’m not a afraid to say, using my front steps as his little potty palace. My name is Otto, and I don’t allow for that, so I set forth to attack this poodle while it was in such a state on my porch.

Wouldn’t you know, the poodle bit my leg, harder than I ever have been bitten before. So I got a rascal. I was at Hollywood Video on my rascal last night and rented a video called “Ulee’s Gold”. I like the serious look of the guy on the cover of the video. He looks like he’s so serious, I think he could use some Swedish Massage Therepy.

I put the tape in my VCR, and was so confused! For twenty minutes I watched this movie in reverse! My tape player must have been broken, but all I saw were people walking in rerverse, throwing things like spoons in reverse, drinking milk in reverse, and writing letters with pencils in reverse. It was like the pencil was sucking up all the letters like a vacuum cleaner!

So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with a great business venture. I can call it “REVERSE”, and I’ll open up a chain of stores where people can rent videos that have been reversed. No one has done this, and I’m sure to make a lot of money. Even the voices go in reverse!

Sounds good!


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